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Our graphic designers know how to target the right audience, keeping the theme of your book in mind.

Cover Designs That Will Be The Talk Of The Town

We've all heard the saying, "don't judge a book by its cover." But why take the risk? Imagine pouring your heart and soul into an incredible book, only to have it sit on the shelf because the cover doesn't catch anyone's eye. Such a bummer!

But fear not, Ghostwriting Saga is here to save the day! Our team of highly skilled professionals is absolutely thrilled to offer bespoke and exclusive book covers that will make your book stand out from the crowd. We create covers that have people stopping in their tracks, eager to dive into the pages within.

So why settle for a lackluster cover when you can have something truly extraordinary? Let Ghostwriting Saga help you make your book the talk of the town!

Your Book Deserves The Attention

What’s your vision? Are you drawn to animated designs, or do you prefer aesthetically pleasing concepts? Whatever you prefer, Ghostwriting Saga can create a magnificent book cover in any genre.

Leading Best-Sellers Are Known For
Their Artistic Covers

It’s no secret that leading best-sellers have book covers that are simple yet intriguing, compelling readers to buy the book and read more. Consider a book cover to be a gateway – If it stands out, people would want to enter through that door and discover what you have to offer.


Tell us your vision, and we’ll enliven it.

book covers

We can re-create your drawn concept for digital screens.


Have your book be the show-stopper.


Let us capture your words through beautiful illustrations.

Why Should You Work With Our Design Team?

We offer a range of cover services, from print books to eBooks. Our designers
can help you achieve the book cover of your dreams.

Print Book

Our print book designs will give your book that “special touch”.

Photo Book

Based on our research & your vision, we align photos in a way you can cherish forever.

Comic Book

Bold and vibrant illustrations that will keep your readers hooked.


While keeping in touch with the latest trends in visually pleasing layouts, your magazine will be a hit!


Record your memorable school years through a professional & beautiful Yearbook.


Save paper & opt for eBooks; thanks to our interior designs, your readers won’t be able to put their devices down.

Range of Book Cover Sizes

Overwhelmed by the number of book cover sizes out there? Don’t worry, you may get in touch with us and we can guide you on what may be the best fit for you!

Pocket Book

4.25 x 6.875 in 1108 x175 mm


5.83 x 8.27 in 1148 x 210 mm


6.14 x 9.21 in 1156 x 234 mm

Comic Book

6.63 x10.25 in 1168 x 260 mm

Small Landscape

9 x7 in1229 x178 mm


5.5 x 8.5 in 1140 x 216 mm

Crown Quarto

7.44 x 9.68 in 1189 x 246 mm

US Trade

6 x 9 inI152 x 229 mm


7x10 in1178 x 254 mm


8.27 x11.69 in 1 210 x 297 mm

US Letter

8.5x11 in 1216 x 279 mm


8.5 x 8.5 in 216 x 216 mm

Small Square

7.5 x 7.5 in I 190 x190 mm

US Letter Landscape

11 x 8.5 in | 279 x 216 mm

A4 Landscape

11.69 x 8.27 in I 297 x 210 mm

Don’t think twice; reach out to us today to start your best-seller author journey!

Our esteemed ghostwriters have all the right tools to draft your unforgettable manuscript!

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